Comprehensive treatment for lung disease close to home

The Comprehensive Lung Program at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center’s goal is to diagnose lung cancer in its earliest stage possible.  We are committed to educating the community in Las Vegas, Clark County and surrounding communities on the importance of lung cancer screening along with monitoring any incidental findings found on patients imaging studies while a patient at our hospital.

Our team, including specialists from radiology, pulmonology, surgery, and pathology holds monthly multi-disciplinary case conferences to provide coordinated care on both inpatient and outpatient cases.

Nurse Navigator

To help you navigate your way through lung diseases, we provide each patient with a Nurse Navigator whose job is to be the liaison between you and your treatment team.  You will be provided with educational information specific to your unique circumstance and introduce you to complimentary therapies that assist your physician and spiritual healing.  Whether you have lung cancer or not, the nurse navigator is available to help and answer your questions.

Lung Cancer Screening Program

Early detection is key. Most lung cancers have already spread widely when they are first found. To help find lung cancer earlier and increase the changes for long-term survival, comprehensive lung program at Sunrise Hospital offers low dose computed tomography (CT) scans of the lungs for high-risk individuals. Use our lung cancer screening assessment tool to help identify if you may be at high-risk for lung cancer. Sunrise Hospital is recognized as a Lung Cancer Screening facility.

To speak to someone at the Comprehensive Lung Program at Sunrise Hospital, call (702) 961-9324