RESTORE is a Comprehensive Approach

The RESTORE Wound Specialty Program at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center provides a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and integrated surgical and medical approach to:

This program is committed to excellence in patient care, restoring quality and function.

In our program we are able to care not only for various wounds, such as radiation injury, osteoradionecrosis, hemorrhagic cystitis, compromised skin grafts or muscle flaps and refractory osteomyelitis.

All of our patients are examined and their treatments are supervised by our hyperbaric trained physicians and certified hyperbaric technologists throughout their treatment.

Our outpatient program provides both adult and pediatric wound care and hyperbaric treatments. Our continuing goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for each of our patients.

The RESTORE Program provides our patients with a network of multidisciplinary specialists, including those specialized in burn and reconstructive care, who are committed and available to take on the most challenging wounds and diseases affecting our Las Vegas, Nevada community. Sunrise Hospital provides wound care for both inpatient and outpatients–all in one location.

The RESTORE Hyperbaric Program is the only Urgent Care Hyperbaric Facility in Southern Nevada to address life threatening illnesses (Decompression Illness, Arterial Gas Embolism, Cyanide Poisoning, Smoke Inhalation) on a 24 hour basis.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

All of our patients are being examined and their treatments are being supervised by our highly trained surgeons and clinicians at all times.

The RESTORE Program, has a team of experts and well trained clinical wound specialists who are committed and available to take on the most challenging wounds and disease processes affecting our community. Inpatient and outpatient coordinated care - all in one location.