The Best Care Ever


"I had surgery at Sunrise Hospital and wanted to say that I received the best care ever! Every employee I encountered, from nurses and CNA’s to Housekeepers and Phlebotomists, was professional and extremely compassionate. Because I was in the hospital for so long, I was able to observe what the staff goes through on a daily basis. I was amazed by how difficult some of the patients could be and yet how every employee handled each situation with the utmost compassion and respect."

"She constantly watched over me, while continuing to triage other patients."

"If I had the power to give a purple medal to someone, I would certainly give that medal to a staff member of Sunrise Hospital. When I had to return to the hospital, the staff members in the Emergency Department went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. The ER was very busy that day, but one of your staff members immediately pulled me into a treatment area to start an IV drip. She constantly watched over me, while continuing to triage other patients. I would like to say thank you for hiring such a wonderful team."

"I would recommend Sunrise Hospital to anyone in need of medical care. Have a happy and healthy New Year!"