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Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center

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Sunrise Children's Hospital

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Patient Stories

Compassion and Care During Very Rough Times


I want to thank the Sunrise staff for their compassion and care during those very rough times for our family. Later, in Ohio, people often asked, “Wasn't it terrible being in Las Vegas when this happened?”

“No.” I always reply, without any hesitation.

Sunrise continues to weave into the fabric of our lives. And, for that, we are grateful.

The staff at Sunrise was superb. Our pediatric neurologist was so knowledgeable and quickly brought us up to speed. Our pediatrician was so compassionate and caring. And, the Sunrise nursing staff was superb. The social work and security departments both needed to get involved in the air ambulance transfer due to some staff issues (not related to Sunrise) and were so efficient and helpful.

I wouldn't leave David's side since he had aphasia. (He was unable to speak, read, or write.) One of your nurses realized I was all alone here as my family had to return to Ohio. She offered to take my laundry home. I will never forget that simple act of caring that lightened my load.

I'll never forget the day we left Sunrise. Dr. Rosemary Hyun, our pediatrician stopped by David's bedside for the last time. She gave David a watch with a GI Joe on its face.

“Never forget this David. GI Joe was a fighter. You need to be a fighter too.”

So, the answer is always the same. “No, it wasn't terrible being on vacation when David had his stroke. It was a blessing.”

We have since moved to Henderson. Our contact with Sunrise continues. We attend a stroke support group at Sunrise Hospital once a month. Further, I've had the pleasure of serving on local committees with your Chaplain, Eric Scott. He, too, has gone above and beyond in his care and compassion to others.

Sunrise continues to weave into the fabric of our lives. And, for that, we are grateful.

Carol Dow-Richards