Our goal is to provide our patients with the education, support and coordination to help them maneuver most effectively through their breast care experience. Our breast health nurse navigator will:

  • Coordinate services everywhere that breast care needs to be delivered
  • Supply educational resources on breast health, breast cancer and breast care
  • Help patients make informed decisions about their breast care plan
  • Promote communication between patients and their health care providers

Meet Our Breast Health Navigators

The Breast Center at SUnrise is proud to offer the services of our Nurse and Patient Navigators and is dedicated to saving lives by ensuring all patients receive timely diagnosis and treatment and by eliminating barriers to care.

Nurse Navigator Michelle Brigg

Nurse Navigator Michelle Bigg RN, BSN previously worked in the clinical oncology setting and is now utilizing her knowledge and skills to navigate patients through their breast care. Michelle reaches out to patients who've been disagnosed with breast cancer or other breast disorders.

Our Breast Health Nurse Navigator is here to:

  • Coordinate services throughout the contiuum of breast care
  • Provide Education
  • Provide Community resources from support groups to medical equipment
  • Be a liaison between the patient and physicians to ensure better patient understanding of medical recommendations
Patient Navigator Natasha Thater

Natasha Thater, RT(R)(M), CN-BI, is a Certified Navigator in Breast Imaging through the completion of the National Consortium of Breast Center's Inc. navigator certification program. This certification program validates Thater's knowledge and skills in navigating patients through their breast imaging experience.

Our Breast Health Patient Navigator is here to:

  • Assist women that have abnormal mammogram
  • Assist with follow-up ensuring the patients receive timely exam results
  • Assist with timely follow-up for additional imaging
  • Provide support and aids patients as they prepare and recover from a biopsy of the breast

Breast Navigation Amenities

Our breast health nurse navigator is your advocate, helping reinforce and support the physician/patient relationship. Our goal is to enhance your quality of life, provide a sense of control and help you manage your own health. We are here to help:

  • Assure that you have the educational resources and support services needed to receive quality care
  • Provide uninterrupted and timely care
  • Inform you and other people you select to know about procedures and treatment plans
  • Make sure follow-up appointments on time and when convenient for you
  • Connect you and your loved ones to resources and support services