The first comprehensive digestive health program in Southern Nevada

Our Digestive Health Institute encompasses community and academic research-focused physicians to provide high-quality, cutting-edge healthcare to our patients. Our multidisciplinary team of physicians has years of specialized training and the clinical experience to treat the most complex cases.

For questions about our Digestive Health Institute or to speak to the digestive health coordinator, call (702) 961-9327.

The Digestive Health Institute at Sunrise Hospital provides a multi-center approach covering the entire digestive process.

Heartburn and reflux center

GERD is caused by a mechanical defect and requires a mechanical solution. Medications for GERD are designed to control or suppress acid production in the stomach. Medications, however, do not address the cause of GERD (a weak sphincter muscle) and cannot prevent reflux. Additionally, 40 percent of GERD sufferers taking medication continue to experience GERD symptoms.

Sunrise Hospital is proud to provide acid reflux treatment and GERD surgery to our patients. The LINX® System is a small, flexible band of magnets enclosed in titanium beads that is designed to stop reflux at its source. The LINX® system is implanted around the weak esophageal sphincter, just above the stomach. The magnetic attraction between the beads keeps the weak esophageal sphincter closed to help prevent reflux. Swallowing forces the beads to separate temporarily to allow food and liquid to pass into the stomach.

LINX® is implanted laparoscopically in a minimally invasive procedure that typically takes less than one hour. Patients generally go home within one day. 

Additional pillars to our digestive program include:

  • Colorectal cancer center
  • Centers for liver, pancreas and bile duct
  • Inflammatory bowel disease center
  • Fecal incontinence center
  • Complex hernia center

The Digestive Health Institute also includes a comprehensive diagnostic center to offer patients one location for their care. Treatment plans and assessments are provided so our team can provide the most advanced treatment plan for each patient. Our centers are supplemented with support groups, dietary and pre-admission education and community lectures covering all digestive surgical procedures.