Your physician will inform you of the time to arrive at the hospital. During pre-admission, you will be instructed exactly where to report on the day of your surgery.

Food and Drink

  • No food or drink (including water) is allowed from midnight the night before your surgery until after your procedure, unless your physician writes specific orders otherwise.
  • Food and drink for non-patients is only allowed in the waiting room.
  • Patients must not eat anything before surgery or during recovery.
  • Check with your physician regarding daily medicines you take. You may be allowed to take these medications with sips of water.
  • Avoid smoking 12-24 hours prior to surgery as smoking may interfere with anesthesia
  • Drink special solution if ordered by your doctor to prepare for certain procedures. If your child is unable to drink this solution, notify your physician.


For your peace of mind, it is important to leave all valuables such as money (other than required payments or deposits), jewelry or any article of unusual value or small size at home. You should only brink items that are needed while at the facility such as hearing aids, glasses or Advance Directive documents. These items will need to be held by the person who comes to the hospital with you.

What to Wear

  • Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing such as a warm-up suit or lounge wear.
  • Do not wear contact lenses, makeup or lotions. Prescription eye glasses are okay.


Bring a list of any medications you are taking, along with dosages.

Child Care

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children must wait in the waiting room with adult supervision while the patient remains in recovery.

Patient Updates

Patient's family members and loved ones can stay regularly updated during the procedure via the monitor in the Surgical Waiting Room.