The Professional Practice Councils at Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center and Sunrise Children's Hospital reflects our commitment to getting the frontline nurses involved in the decisions that affect their clinical practice every day. The model ensures collaboration with nurses from throughout the system in leadership, quality, education and every area of direct clinical care.

Great care has been given to the design of the Council infrastructure which is centered on two core components: Recognition & Retention and Quality & Safety. There are many types of Sub-Councils which provide several opportunities for Sunrise nurses to get involved.

If you know anything about Professional Practice Councils, you know that designing the Model is just the beginning. To help you understand the underpinnings of the Councilor Structure, a set of bylaws has been written with three essential concepts.

  1. Collaborative practice empowers nurses to make decisions about their own nursing practice. All nurses collaborate in problem-solving and decision-making, thereby improving the practice environment and the patient care environment. We are all stakeholders and participants in this process.
  2. Nurses at Sunrise Hospital and Sunrise Children's Hospital deliver care to their patients under Benner's Professional Practice Model using the Stages of Clinical Competence theory, which emphasize the development of skills from novice to expert. Nurses at Sunrise Hospital and Sunrise children's Hospital are nurtured with an emphasis on clinical skills, nursing performance, and safe practices.
  3. Nursing Excellence is our Goal! The evolution of the Nursing Practice Councils at Sunrise and Sunrise Children's Hospitals will be in parallel with the model components outlined in the Forces of Magnetism as defined by the American Nurses Credentialing Center including Transformational Leadership; Structural Empowerment; Exemplary Professional Practice; New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements; and Empirical Outcomes.

As a final point, the work of the Councils is defined based on clear goals around the provision of nursing care. More specifically, as a Sunrise nurse you will find interesting and robust discussions within the Councils on Professional Performance & Competence as well as conversations about Patient and Family Advocacy with a focus on providing "caring nursing practice" under our commitment to Patient Centered Care. The nursing Councils at Sunrise support nurses in understanding they are accountable and responsible for their individual nursing practice. As a leader of patient care, nursing practice includes making clinical decisions, enacting change and delegating tasks appropriately. The nurse is an effective communicator able to empower others and acts as a role model to ensuring nursing's contribution to attaining the highest level of clinical care quality for their patients.