This inspirational story, released today by, in partnership with Sunrise Children’s Hospital, is another reason why we are proud of our Care Team members who are Amazing Together.


Unbreakable Bond: Kristine Hafner and the patient who became her son.

PICU nurse Kristine Hafner was raised in a family that believes in caring for their community. This September 2015 Employee of the Month has an amazing passion for caregiving that is always personal. She treats her patients as if they are family. It is that caring spirit that captured media attention this week in a beautiful story that will play out over a lifetime.

An advocate for foster parenting, Kristine has one biological child and a foster child. She adopted a second child - a boy - from a bed in our Pediatrics and enveloped him into her family without hesitation. She says she is amazed by the resilience of children. She has witnessed abuse from her purview at the bedside and is in awe of the miraculous will to live and thrive that spring from violent domestic tragedy. Somehow, she says, a child who is the target of extreme violence remains whole. From them, she draws her own strength of character and purpose. “He’s my hero - truly. It just shows that kids are resilient and all he needed was some love. He just bounced back.”

She says her PICU family is also an extension of her blood relatives, providing invaluable support to her work and personal life.

We are proud of Kristine and all of PICU for their amazing care, passion and compassion. If anyone reading this would like to learn more about foster parenting, please contact Clark County Foster Care.