Stephanie Escalara and baby Jackson

Stephanie Grace Escalera gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Jackson David James Baldwin, on March 16.

Even while baby Jackson was thriving in his first days of life, Stephanie was struggling. Pneumonia set in. Despite efforts to get her back on track following the C-section delivery, it was clear extreme measures were going to be required for the young mother whose lungs were no longer able to pull fresh oxygen into her body.

Fortunately, a physician at the Arizona hospital where Stephanie gave birth knew about Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) and where to get the lifesaving lung (and heart) bypass capability.

She was transferred to the Cardiovascular Thoracic ICU (CVTU) at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, where a skilled team of doctors — including Intensivist Prashant Gundre, MD and Pediatric CV Surgeon Sergio Carrillo, MD — met her and did what has been done for many Sunrise Children's Hospital patients and five other adult patients. They bypassed Stephanie's beleaguered lungs — right there in the CVTU — for six full days. Her lungs rested as the external ECMO device took over the lungs key function of oxygenating her blood.

Today, Stephanie is recovering on the Neuro Stroke (NSS) unit. Baby Jackson is chiefly in his father's loving care. Stephanie is expected to recover fully.

"Thank you so much for everything you've done for us. Your excellent medical team has saved her life. We owe you a great deal," Preston said.

Their extended family is grateful for every service the Care Team at Sunrise extended.

"Everyone - from your nurses to security -has been amazing and very attentive," said Patty Daly, Stephanie's aunt.

ECMO for adult patients is the latest diamond in Sunrise's crown of capability that bringing opportunity for full recovery from critical acute care intervention.