Robotic Surgery Procedures Detail

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Robotic Surgery Procedures Detail

Robotic Surgery Procedures Currently Performed at Sunrise Hospital


  • Mediastinal Mass Excision- removal of cancerous tumors in the compartment surrounding the heart


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  • Cholecystectomy - gallbladder removal
  • Weight Loss Surgery - gastric sleeve
  • Lymph Node Excision
  • Lymphocele Excision


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  • Hysterectomy - removal of the uterus
  • Myomectomy - removal of fibroids from the uterus
  • Salpingo Oophorectomy - removal of an ovary and fallopian tube


Show urology robotic surgery physicians

  • Adrenalectomy - removal of adrenal gland(s)
  • Cystectomy - removal of all or part of the bladder
  • Nephrectomy - kidney removal
  • Partial Nephrectomy - partial kidney removal
  • Orchiectomy - removal of the testicles
  • Prostatectomy - removal of the prostate
  • Pyeloplasty - the surgical reconstruction or revision of the renal pelvis to drain and decompress the kidney
  • Renal Cyst Excision - removal of cysts in the kidney
  • Pediatric and Adult Ureteral Reimplantation - surgery to fix the tubes that connect the bladder to the kidneys
  • Vaginal Vault Suspension - pelvic prolapse

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    Center for Colorectal Surgery and Pelvic Floor Disorders at the Women’s Cancer Center of Nevada
    3131 La Canada St. Suite 241
    Las Vegas, NV 89169

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