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Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Program is CARF Accredited

Following a procedure, your rehabilitation can be crucial to your recovery. And you have a choice regarding where you go for rehab services. When choosing the facility where you will rehab, consider the advantages of the Rehabilitation Unit at Sunrise Hospital:

  • There is a benefit to conducting your rehab in an inpatient facility. By staying at Sunrise Hospital for rehab you will have the continuity of care that comes from being in one facility for all your care and treatment. In addition, you will have the ready accessibility of our physicians, emergency services should you need them, additional testing via CT scan or MRI if necessary, and all the capabilities of our inpatient hospital.
  • CARF Accredited Inpatient RehabWe offer the only inpatient rehab facility in Clark County to be accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehab Facilities (CARF). CARF sets the highest standards of rehab care and we are proud to be the only inpatient hospital in the city to meet those standards.
  • Our rehab program features an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of care providers. For example, we have acute-care therapists and rehab therapists who communicate with each other during the recovery process. The acute therapists focus on getting the patient ready for the next level of care while the rehab therapists focus on getting the patient home. We offer a progression in rehab strategy between the two levels of care.
  • We offer a comprehensive rehab program with physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, recreational therapy and specialized treatment such as swallowing therapy that can be so important for patients who have experienced a stroke.
  • As the only stroke-specialty CARF accredited facility in the state, we also have special expertise and capabilities to care for patients who have experienced a stroke. Our physicians have stroke rehab training, and the same physicians who cared for you after your stroke can follow up on your care in the Rehab Unit.

Whether you live in Henderson, Anthem, North Las Vegas, South Las Vegas, East Las Vegas, Summerlin or downtown Las Vegas, talk to your care providers if you are interested in staying at Sunrise for your rehab services. When your transfer for Rehab services is being arranged, you may not necessarily go to Sunrise’s Rehab Unit unless you request it. We’d love to continue to care for you and help you with your recovery!