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Sunrise Health Hospitals First in Nevada To Use Pioneering Mobile Technology for Cardiac Care

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January 24, 2012

AirStrip CARDIOLOGY Allows Medical Personnel to Review, Analyze and Manage Electrocardiograph Data on Mobile Phones and Tablets

Las Vegas, NV — The hospitals of the Sunrise Health System are proud to announce that they are the first hospital system in Nevada to use a new, secure software solution, AirStrip CARDIOLOGY™, to read electrocardiographs (ECG). The new technology allows clinicians to improve cardiac patients’ care by providing near real-time ECG data to cardiologists quicker, more accurately and that’s more easily shared with consulting colleagues.

The hospitals of Sunrise Health include Sunrise Hospital, MountainView Hospital, Southern Hills Hospital and Sunrise Children’s Hospital—featuring the state’s only pediatric open heart program.

"This technology transforms the way physicians are able to interact with their cardiac patients," said Sylvia Young, CEO and President of the Sunrise Health System. "Having this ECG data available on a mobile device allows a physician to consult on a case almost instantly and more precisely, leading to faster diagnosis that benefits the patient."

AirStrip CARDIOLOGY has the capability to zoom in without distorting the image, giving cardiologists the ability to see changes in electrical cardiac activity that’s as small as 0.5 millimeters, which can be hard to read on a faxed ECG or on a PDF image. A change that small may indicate a serious heart problem or an emergency condition.

"Rapid access to information is very important in decision making for cardiologists treating critically ill heart patients," said Stephen Portz, MD, FACC, Chief of Cardiology at Sunrise Hospital. "The quicker the heart artery can be opened, the better the chance of the patient living and sustaining less heart damage. Getting an ECG sent to me on my Smartphone or touch pad will allow me to make an immediate decision to get everyone in motion to get this patient to the Cath Lab to open the artery and restore blood flow."

AirStrip CARDIOLOGY is built on the robust and secure mobile application platform AppPoint™, created by AirStrip Technologies, Inc. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration cleared the product, which utilizes highly secure, multi-factor authentication, and is fully HIPAA compliant. AirStrip CARDIOLOGY uses data from the GE Healthcare MUSE® Cardiology Information System, making it available on iPhones® and iPads™.

About Sunrise Health:
Sunrise Health is the most technologically advanced hospital network in the Southwest. Committed to providing the finest healthcare, Sunrise Health includes Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, MountainView Hospital, Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center and Sunrise Children’s Hospital, as well as outpatient diagnostic, imaging and surgical centers. Specialty services include a suite of the latest diagnostic and surgical technologies, advanced cardiovascular services, comprehensive neurological services, a designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Nevada Neurosciences Institute, The Breast Center at Sunrise, the state’s most comprehensive Children’s Hospital and women’s healthcare services and Las Vegas’ first network of certified Stroke Centers and Accredited Chest Pain Centers.

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About AirStrip Technologies, Inc.
Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, AirStrip Technologies is a pioneer in mobile medical software applications designed to work across any platform to improve patient safety and reduce risk in the healthcare setting. AirStrip Technologies engages, consults and employs leading technology and medical experts to ensure their products are the best in the industry. The core technology team is committed to bringing best-of-breed products to the market that enhance the ability of physicians and healthcare professionals to perform their work on a daily basis with the added assurances that their patients are being provided the best care available. Visit www.airstriptech.com for more information.